1998 World Cup of FS, Freestyle & Skysurf
ÉVORA, Portugal
On-line Coverage by

Welcome to OmniSkore's on-line coverage of the 1998 World Cup of Formation Skydiving, Freestyle Skydiving, and Skysurf.

Here you will find news and commentary in the Tidbits link, complete listings of teams with photos and scores on the results pages, the new "DZ TV" OmniCam, information about the people behind the scenes, and much more.

We would especially like to express our sincere gratitude to the organizers for providing us with the necessary computer hardware and Internet connection that makes this coverage possible, with special thanks to Carlos Vairinhos (for saying no to nothing), Carlos Casanova (for making it happen), and Manuel Almeida (for the translating and computer support). The whole staff here is just great.

This web site is provided as a service to fellow skydivers and the general public. The scores, results, and photos may be freely distributed. The comments and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of our sponsors, the host, or the FAI, and may not be reprinted without expressed written consent by Ted or Tim Wagner.

Now sit back, and enjoy the greatest skydiving show on the Internet!

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