America's Cup, DeLand, Florida

Welcome to the Sunshine State!

We got out of the car after driving from the airport, and we thought we were in London. BURR! YUCK!

It's Saturday morning now, and we're on a weather hold, it doesn't look good. Too bad; we've got a really good turnout, even with Airspeed being in Japan. There are 14 teams registered, most of them sitting in the restaurant drinking coffee and debating the pros and cons of various handicap systems. We're on hold until 1400.

Saturday Night
The weathered cleared enough to get in almost two rounds this afternoon. The leaders (at least in terms of raw points) are DeLand Norgies, Golden Knights Black, and Space Center FX, with DeLand Genesis close behind. The competition is actually two meets: America's Cup and Florida Skydiving League, using different handicap systems. The standings on the results page reflects the America's Cup standings.

FX is skydiving better than their score indicates, but they've victimized themselves with a couple of very close busts and a slightly tangled black hole exit. The Norgies are going fast, but they're a bit sloppy at times. The Knights Gold team has a FNG who's in his first competition, filling in for an injured Eric Heinsheimer. There are some good teams here with good coaching that shows. Let's hope for nice weather in the morning.

Sunday Morning
The weather is still not cooperating. Which is really too bad - despite the lack of Airspeed, there is a really strong field of skydivers here. Most people are hanging out in the DZ's really nice new bar & restaurant, the "Perfect Spot," discussing the upcoming world meet in Australia and the IPC rules proposal. Now there is an issue surrounded by a variety of opinions...look for mine to appear here sometime...

Sunday Afternoon
SHAZAAM! At 1430, the skies parted like the Red Sea for Moses and skydivers started poring out of the Otter and Skyvan as fast as packers and manifest could cram them in. By 1830, we completed all six rounds of 4-way (minus a couple of FSL teams), and a couple of teams are doing an 8-way (maybe 2).

The DeLand Norgies were looking like the team to beat through 3 rounds, but a tough double-bust gave them a lead-losing score of 9 on round 4, while FX charged out in front with a 17. Other teams looking strong: DeLand Genesis showing the polish that earned them a bronze medal at the Nationals last year. Golden Knights Black: cranking out points with no practice. GK Gold: one member who's never even done 4-way. Frost and Optic Nerve also showed significant improvement and good scores.

Sunday Night
Just completed the awards (see the final standings, and it looks like everyone had a great time (except for the FSL teams that packed out early). Many thanks to DeLand for hosting the event, and see you all next time!

Tim & Ted