OmniSkore Coverage - World Parachuting Championships, Corowa, Australia

Tidbits (Timbits + Tedbits)

Tuesday, October 26 -

Nobody creeping yet...

Yesterday's weather forecast was spot on as we have a steady rain under solid gray skies this morning. There will be nothing to report for several hours at best. Ech, now it's raining wallabies and dingoes...

Ah, a big pile of e-mail this morning. At least a dozen people have pointed out the dreaded "file not found" error for the Aussie's 8-way video. The file is not there because I FTP'd it to the server when I left last night, and it didn't make it all the way before it timed out. I will try again later today.

The world is apparently enjoying the British > Norway battle just as much as the France > USA in 4-way. And what do all four of these teams have in common? Why, they all train in the States, of course. I think it would be a real treat if these four teams got together for a 16-way or two after the competition. Someone do the math and tell me how many jumps they have between them all. It's a LOT.

Hmmm...there is a guy here from England...who owns an American company...who just TRIED to compete in the last US Nationals... who is cheering for the French and the Russians...and he wants to sponsor OmniSkore. Derek my man, where are your priorities? ;-)

Waiting for blue skies...

"I've seen better days..."

It's called a "Cresco," it's from New Zealand, and it looks like it carries about 10 jumpers.

The stolen equipment reported in yesterdays 'bits has been recovered. I hear it was found in a rubbish can behind the police station! I don't think they've recovered the video camera, though.

Okay, want to see some interesting numbers? Here is the math:

Top 4-Way Team Experience (not including video slot)

Team Total # Jumps Team Jumps
United States (Airspeed) 50,000 3,000
France (Maubeuge) 23,000 3,500
Great Britain (XL) 35,000 1,500
Norway (Norgies) 19,000 2,200

Total jumps:


That is a lot of jumps!

And a HAPPY 26th ANNIVERSARY for Bob and Kate!

Bob and Kate Charters are two of the Formation Skydiving judges here, hailing from the UK.

A really big kite or a really small parachute!
Ann-Marie killing time with a book.

A 15-minute just went out for 4-way, freestyle and skysurf. 

The early going today will have France and USA catching up with the sixth round of 4-way and USA catching up with the sixth round of 8-way. Okay, USA 8-way round 6 is up first. Here we looks like a good jump, did they get that last point in time? They are looking at it again, wow! The last point was right on the freeze frame, and three of the five judges agreed it was there for a score of 22, and USA 8-way takes a six point lead after six rounds. Now France 4-way round five; a very smooth fast jump for 18 points, and they have increased their lead by a point! What a way to start the day over here.

My sources inform me (thank you Charla) that they are going to continue with 4-way through the afternoon; only France, USA, and Japan have yet to do round six to complete minimums for the event.

Not forgotten, the women are also having a great battle with Sweden and and Great  Britain hot on the high heels of Australia.

The British (L) and Norway (R) 4-ways are putting on a show of their own.

Great Britain scored a 18 on their round 7, caught me napping and I didn't see it. Where are les Norgies? Ah, but first France and USA are up with their round 6. France...a very good jump, 24 points! Will Airspeed be able to close the gap? Here they go - a very fast jump! Another last point right on the freeze frame, is it there? Yes, a 26! BALL GAME IS TIED! That was a fabulous effort, quick and smooth. Holy smokes what a meet we got going here! Here's the Norgies now - round 7 - another good jump, one glitch on a snow > box near the end, but they score a 20 and jump in front of Great Britain by a point! Cancel that coffee Charla!

Kathy - Ches says hi!

Sweden Women's 4-Way

The Canadian delegation - click for larger image

When I was walking around with the camera a while ago, I kept hearing comments about how many of the events are in such tight contests. When this is all over, whoever is left standing on the winner's platform is going to have earned it for sure!

Over in the "hmmm..." department...looking over France's 4-way results, they are skydiving very cleanly with no penalties. But in round one they had the unusual occurrence of three out of five judges not giving them a point, but still not getting a penalty for it (two J's and a 0). Airspeed is also skydiving very cleanly, with the single exception of that busted cat on round 4. Both teams look like they are "in the zone."

There is but one round left to go in the women's cup, and Australia is two in front of Great Britain and five in front of Sweden.

USA and France are dubbing round 7 now. France is up had a dropped grip on a snow > box and only one judge saw it, they get a 21, I'm sure they'll take it. USA now, they have a couple of glitches in there, they get a 19 and France takes a two point lead with two jumps left! Unbelievable.

Airspeed boarding for round 7.

Charlie Brown, USA 8-way alternate

Quote of the day, from the South Africans: "Kill the flies - before they kill Kenny!"

And now Norway's round 8, Great Britain has done a 17 already, and the Norgies have another great jump with a 19, very nice! An excellent score for that jump, and they are now three point in front of Great Britain with two jumps to go. Check out the video clips page later for some more jumps.

It looks like they are done for the day here. I'm not sure if the book is closed on France's round 7; they sure had an obvious bust, possibly a double one at that. It would be a shame if a judging controversy effects the outcome of this wonderful match-up, but hey, that's competition for you!

Closing out the day with a more positive note, USA's women's skysurf O'Brien/O'Brien has jumped into the lead after round 8, and USA men's freestyle Rimple/Hetherington is still second behind AUS Crick/King. Hey where'd everybody go? Well, off to the bar it is then!