OmniSkore Coverage - World Parachuting Championships, Corowa, Australia

Tidbits (Timbits + Tedbits)

Wednesday, October 27 -

The weather here is like pulling petals from a dandelion. Blue skies, blue skies not. Blue skies, blue skies not. This morning we are back to the blue skies, and the possible conclusion of the 1999 World Parachuting Championships. What manner of excitement is in store for us today?

It's GO TEAM GO in the boarding area Please send coffee and donuts
later in the bar and still later at home (we're miserable, yeahJ)

Yesterday, after France 4-way round 7 was judged, Ted rewound the DZ-TV tape and played the jump for some of the other judges. After this happened a couple of times he went behind the VCR and unplugged the lead so that it wouldn't be shown over and over on DZ-TV. He probably played that tape a half dozen times or more, before plugging the VCR back in to DZ-TV.

Only problem was, Ted was pulling the wrong lead out, and the feed was going out to DZ-TV the whole time!

Needless to say, the French delegation was not happy about it, and I don't blame them one bit. Ted has offered his sincere and most humble apologies.

TED SPEAKING: I am about as embarrassed as I can be about that situation with the DZ-TV yesterday afternoon.  (This morning I want to go crawl in a hole.)  I have been running the DZ-TV at every world cup and world meet since 1993, and I know that my reputation and my likelihood for being at the next one depend upon my providing a product that is fair and balanced to all delegations.  It was a careless mistake I made and it reflects poorly on the U.S.A. and the meet hosts.  I just want everyone to understand -- especially my good friends in the French delegation -- that what happened yesterday was an accident.

Those bloody Wagners, nothing but trouble!

BJ, Claude and Patrice Formation Skydiving Judges (click for larger photo)

The USA and France 4-ways just jumped round 8, and France has added two points to their lead with a 21 to USA's 19. Airspeed did not have a good jump, and now they are four points behind with two jumps left. Maubeuge has looked very strong on their last few jumps!

On round 10 of the women's cup, Australia busted down to a 8 while the British scored 11 to overtake them by one point! Sweden still has an outside shot if they can score a 14.

Australia - BTW - happens to have a very good 8-way team, and they just did a 20 on round 7. This jump is 4 randoms and a  fast block, so this will be an opportunity for France and/or Russia to close the gap on the USA 8-way.

And we have our first champions of the competition! The British women have won the gold medal in front of Australia and Sweden. Congratulations ladies! A great competition, even if there were only four teams.

The end of 8-way round 7 is about to be judged...France is up first, they score 26, very nice France! Next is Russia, they also score 26, and right after that USA, they have one glitch on a tee > pod but it's still good for a 25, and their lead is 5 points with two oops no three to go.

We are moving on with round 8 of 8-way...France, another great effort here, they brought a bag of exit tricks with them, but the unusual bar placement on these otters is giving them fits - they do a 19 clean. Next up USA, very smooth and deliberate on this one, a 19 also. And Russia now, it's 19's across the leaderboard for this jump, and USA 8-way keeps it's 5 point lead with two jumps to go.

Can Airspeed catch up with Maubeuge? Will the Brits give the Norgies a chase? Is Atlanta going to roll over for the Yankees?

What? WHAT? Tanya and Craig have won the women's skysurf event! The USA has at least one gold medal in these events, congratulations O'Briens!

And they are turning down the home stretch in 4-way...France and USA are headed to the airplane for round nine...Stevie's trotting to the dubbing station...Norway's jump is 20, NICE's's a 20 is the Brits, will France break through 20? Here they go...they have a glitch on a tee > tee, but recover nicely, is that last point in? 3 of 5 say yes, 21 points, and Maubeuge has a five point lead with one jump left! The France 4-way is showing great poise under pressure, and can sense that Excalibur is within their grasp!

What an incredible finish in women's freestyle!  The leaders after Round 9, Australia's Gemma Stevens and Paul Truman, scored a 82.3 to finish with 855.3.  But France's Emanuelle Celicout and Alex Gillard scored 86.3 for a total of 855.6 to win by just 0.3 points!  Congratulations Emanuelle and Alex!!!

France, USA, and Norway are now boarding for round 10. Final scores coming up!

Okay...Great Britain has a good jump to finish, 18 points, so Norway will need a 16 to win the, their 16th point is right on the freeze frame! Is it there? Yes, Norway has the bronze! The next sentence will announce the world champion 4-way -


Airspeed finished with a 19. Congratulations to Maubeuge, world champions of 4-way! Visit them at the PAGE OF CHAMPIONS

Maubeuge really put the pedal to the metal down the stretch. They are worthy champions of The Sword. And Airspeed's work is not done, they must turn their attention back to the 8-way event, where Russia and France are lurking in the shadows. Round nine is in the air.

France Essonne 8-way is up; a very rough donut out the door, and they score a 20. Russia next...they are faster, a 22, is it clean? Yes, and USA up now. Fast and smooth as silk, these guys turn 8-way like a machine. 21 points! Their lead is four with one jump left. They will do round 10 tomorrow morning.

Da webbaster is gettig sick wit da flue.  ;-(

Final notes on the 4-way meet...Maubeuge has taken the 4-way title from Airspeed, and with it the Sword. It was an excellent battle; Airspeed had the early lead, but Maubeuge kept plugging away. Airspeed faltered late, they did not look as sharp as they did at the nationals last month, but they didn't really have any bad jumps, either. They got beat fair and square.

The Norgies, however, earn a special place in OmniSkore hall of fame. Not only for their excellent skydiving and bronze medal finish, but for the way in which they did it. Take a look at their score sheet. With the exception of one "J" on an exit, not one single judge busted them for anything in all ten rounds. An amazing performance!

The day is done and the beer light is on. A toast to new champions, and a good night to you all.