OmniSkore Coverage - World Parachuting Championships, Corowa, Australia

Tidbits (Timbits + Tedbits)

Thursday, October 28 -

Sitting on pins and needles waiting for the final round of the championships? Me too! But off to breakfast first...

France door-jams round 10... ...and boards with the Australians

USA and Russia will be jumping within minutes; France and Australia are in the air. The judges will be waiting for all the dubs before they begin judging, which will probably be between 1030 and 1100. Stay tuned!

USA Dirft dives round 10 Russia dirt dives round 10

Airspeed and Russia walk through the final jump

The USA and Russian teams gather for a photo just before boarding the plane. The spirit of competition is overwhelming at the boarding tent as these teams prepare for their final jump of the competition.

USA and Russia are landing about now; I wish I could be there to take some pictures, but the judging will begin very soon.

The buzz coming out of the dubbing room is the Russia has a very good score. With a Taj > Mahal on the jump, anything in the 20s will be good. And now the judging is starting, Germany is up first. Really loud yellow jumpsuits and rigs. 14 points, but they have double-bust for a 10. Japan is next, this team trained back home in Eloy a lot this year, and they have made a terrific showing here in Corowa, currently tied for fifth place. 13 points for them, and they move alone into the fifth position. And now France; they have a botched donut flake near the end of working time, let's see how they score this. It's no-call, they get a 20. Next up, Australia XLR8. 16 points, another fine effort by the local gang. 

Okay, now Russia. Wow, a 23! Is it clean...yes, a 23! Nice jump! USA needs a 20 to's 21 points in time, the judges are's a 21! USA wins 8-way! Wow, two judges busted them, one more and we'd have a jumpoff right now! What an ending!


A quick ending note, I think that I may be losing my Internet access in an hour or so, and this may be my final report from here. If it is, well, it sure was a good one, and thank you all for the OmniSupport! G'day!

Word has it we'll have Internet access through Saturday, so I will have some more coming here tomorrow after the awards and closing ceremonies.