OmniSkore Coverage - World Parachuting Championships, Corowa, Australia

Tidbits (Timbits + Tedbits)

Friday & Saturday, October 29 & 30 -

It is Saturday morning as I write this from the B&B we have called home for the last two weeks. The awards ceremony...well, they say a picture tells a story...

Can you say "crowded"? It's SRO in the big top.

8-Way bronze winners, France Essonne

8-Way silver winners, Russia

8-Way gold winners, USA Airspeed

All of the men's freestyle winners

Craig & Tanya, women's skysurf gold medal

Dan Pallasch, just getting started

Twins X 2: Oleg, Tim, Vladimir, & Ted

Lee & Charla join in the Aborigine dance


It was a really good awards ceremony set in an awful venue. They had an ocean of folding tables and chairs crammed into the big mess tent, and it was crowded and full of smoke. I was sick as a dog and hung around just long enough to trade shirts with Oleg, while Ted traded shirts with Vladimir, the Russian 8-way twins.

I tried to get more pictures of all the winning teams, but my batteries died early on, and I wound up pulling most of these pictures from Ted's camera.

I'm ready for the long flight home, it's been one hell of a trip. G'day everyone!