OmniSkore Coverage - World Parachuting Championships, Corowa, Australia

elcome to OmniSkore’s unofficial coverage of the 11th World Parachuting Championships of Formation Skydiving, Freestyle, and Skysurf. We hope that you experience some of the excitement of the competition with your visit. Here are some tips for browsing the site:

  • The "DZ TV" WebCam requires your browser to be Java enabled and may not work in some browsers.
  • Check the home page for the competition status (weather hold, etc.)
  • The standings pages show the teams ranked by completed rounds; for positions 4 and higher, the tie breaking formula has been applied automatically. 
  • This web site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 4 or later. Netscape uses will find the results pages are very slow to load. You can access a simple table of the raw FS scores HERE.
The OmniSkore! Team Down Under
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Ted Wagner,
Chief Engineer
Tim Wagner,
Lee Henney,
Charla Henney,

The standings pages are created using a spreadsheet written by OmniDad Roy Wagner. If you like the way they look, be sure to tell

Our coverage of the championships is provided as a courtesy to the public at large and is not officially endorsed by the FAI, the IPC, or the event organizer. We would especially like to thank the organizers for their graciousness in supplying us with the Internet access during the competition. This is a precedent that began with the 1998 World Cup in Portugal, and one that we hope continues.