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Southwest Skydiving League - Meet 1


Well, the webmaster is also the chief judge for this competition, so there won't be a lot of real-time coverage going on here. I will put some commentary up when I can though!

It's a pretty decent turnout, with 5 open teams and 4 intermediate. Round 1 is complete and it looks like Elsinore Matrix and Airspeed Zulu are going to duke it out for the top spot, with the other three in a tight race.

And Barbara says we're having enchiladas for lunch. Hurray! ;-)

Round two done now under beautiful sunny Arizona skies, and Zulu is still up one on Matrix. The intermediate class is doing a different draw than the open; it uses the IPC pool, but with certain blocks and randoms omitted (see the SSL web site for more info). 

Cranking right along here, and everybody's having a lot of fun and doing a lot of great skydiving. Bonus points to Airspeed Zulu for dressing for success (all black with white gloves makes judges very happy). Bonus points to High Pressure just for looking so good. Bonus points to the camera flyers who are doing an excellent job. And major bonus points to Barbara for bringing enchiladas!

The battle for the bronze in open is turning into a good one between Arizona Inertia and Perris High Pressure. Both teams are averaging above 10 through round 5 -- some good skydiving on a slow, tough draw -- and Inertia has a one point lead. Meanwhile, Zulu has virtually locked up the gold (well, raw points anyway, I don't know what the SSL handicap is going to do to placements).

A nice little competition is wrapped up here, a lot of fun had by all. Especially nice to see a couple of teams drive out from California. A great way to start the SSL season!