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Southwest Skydiving League - Meet 2

Tidbits - Ted Reports

April 29th --

11:00 a.m.
The weather is beautiful, with clear skies and crisp spring temperatures. Standing in the sun feels great, but a few minutes in the shade leads me to look around for my sweatshirt.

There are eight teams registered, with 5 in Open and 3 in Recreational. Round 1 completed at 9:45am with the local team "Matrix" leading in the raw scores with a 16 (but not very cleanly!). Right behind them is Perris High Pressure with a 14. (Handicap information will be included with Round 2's update.)

Hats off to the organization here! The staff was well prepared for the competition and eager to see it run professionally and smoothly. If you haven't seen Elsinore's facilities lately, you should check it out. A new snack bar has a nice deck patio, and new buildings have just been put it for the school and additional team rooms. The DZ is neat and clean, and if it wasn't for the lack of hot water in the restrooms I wouldn't have anything to complain about.

4:20 p.m.
The meet is progressing slowly but smoothly. The only glitches have been a pair of rejumps. In the first, the High Pressure videographer left well before the team, but we managed to determine that it was the airplane's fault (wink wink nudge nudge) and awarded the team a rejump. One of the Recreational teams ( had a camera accident on the airplane which resulted in a full exposure. In this case the team was lectured about what to do when something like this happens ("Don't jump unless you know you're ready. Once you leave the airplane you will get judged!"), and (very generously) given a conditional rejump. (The condition is that they buy beer for the other teams tonight.)

The weather continues to be very nice, if a tad hazy. (Hey, we must be in Southern California!) Round 5 is in progress...