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2000 U.S. Nationals of Style & Accuracy

photo by michael mcGowan

photo by Brent Finley

Orange, MA

It's been 35 years, I believe, since Orange County Municipal Airport last hosted a U.S. Nationals of Style and Accuracy. Well, They're Baaaaaaack, and they're going to do it here in - okay - style.

Paul Peckham deserves a gold medal before things ever get started here; he has lined up numerous sponsors and has been running around (along with John Jefferies and others) making sure that everything is ready to go. The drop zone here is a club called "JumpTown," a modest operation at an airport steeped in skydiving history.

The drop zone is ready, "Stylus" (OmniSkore for Style) is all set up in the hangar, and tomorrow 50+ competitors begin the first nationals of the new millennium (Para-Ski aside; that was in Canada eh). 

I don't have access to a phone line on the DZ, so I'll be doing my updates at the end of the day. They have me tucked away in this real nice little B&B "Bullard's Farm" (shades of Australia) that's about 200 years old. Nice place; I'm typing this on the kitchen table. This is going to be a fun competition, so come back and hear all about it!

p.s. -
Q: What do you call a young style & accuracy competitor?

A: "Sergeant!"

The accuracy landing area; click for larger view.

"What? Three cents?"

"Just a little farther..."

What on earth is a "grinder"?