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2000 U.S. Nationals of Style & Accuracy

Orange, MA

Monday, June 5

When I rolled out of the hay this morning, it was very cool with a low, drizzling overcast that hung around until mid-afternoon. When the ceiling finally rose to 3,000', the meet managed to get off nearly three rounds of team accuracy under iffy wind conditions. The forecast for tomorrow is even worse, and first call isn't until 0830.

I made the best of the situation by doing some early studying and then sneaking off to the bar with none other than the WHO man himself, William H. Ottley. We wound up at Eddie's restaurant (of which I'm growing fonder every day) and then later at his hotel room for a final round of scotch and gossip. Overall, a wonderfully useless day.

It should be noted how wonderfully the city of Orange -- and the surrounding community -- is supporting this meet. The local car dealer went so far as to giving me the keys to the pace car, a 1997 Pontiac convertible. I love this town!

 Hopefully tomorrow will give way to favorable weather and we will have a wonderful meet. This terrific group of competitors deserves it. G'night.