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2000 U.S. Nationals of Style & Accuracy

Orange, MA

Wednesday, June 7

I got up at 0600, threw on my running shoes, tossed down a cup of coffee, and headed out the door into...rain. It hadn't stopped. I heard later some parts of New England got 4.5+ inches of rain yesterday. No doubt.

Two hours later, the rain had ceased and the sky cleared, only to be replaced by a howling, chilly west wind. Wind dummy loads went up every few hours, confirming dummy status. Hello, just look at the horizontal wind blades, folks. We ain't skydiving for a while.

Around 1000 the jury was summoned to hear a couple of protests regarding Monday's accuracy rounds. Well, guess who's on the jury again...we went over the protests and the rules in great detail. Bottom line, the rules were being followed to the letter, no grounds for awarding rejumps. Denied.

I've read my study materials twice and finished my novel, and it's only Wednesday. I haven't been this unbusy since...well, the FS nationals in Sebastian...

...but optimism bloomed late in the afternoon! The winds died down and a small train of Cessnas put up a round of style before the sun set. Still a long way to go, hopefully we'll have a full day of jumping tomorrow.