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2000 U.S. Nationals of Style & Accuracy

Orange, MA

Saturday, June 10

Blue skies again! And the winner is...

...the meet finished off the final round of style to start the day, and when the paper rolled out the printer the men's champion was GK Brian Smith (2nd James Hayhurst, 3rd GK Chris Moore), and the women's champion was Elisa Feldt (2nd Cheryl Stearns, 3rd Nancy LaRiviere). The competitors thought the style judging was really tough, but overall fairly applied. Looking over the final results, I only see a very few style sets that were judged clean (no penalty applied).

After the requisite 45 minutes between events, accuracy started back up hot and heavy. It didn't last long though; the winds gradually picked up until the competition was put on weather hold well before noon. The weather hold was never lifted: at 3:30 p.m., the meet was officially bagged. Accuracy had completed seven full rounds (they'd been halfway through eight). GK Chris Moore took the top spot for the men and Cheryl Stearns for the women.

Here are the top overall champions (style & accuracy combined):


  1. Chris Moore
  2. Mario Rivera
  3. Brian Smith


  1. Cheryl Stearns
  2. Elisa Feldt
  3. Cathy Miller

At this point, I must apologize for not having the overall results for the men's junior division, which had four competitors in it. Sorry guys!

Look for a complete report in next month's Parachutist.

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