Sunday, November 5

At last, competition time! Kick the tires and light the fires, let's turn some points here teams! It's a bright sunny morning that just needs the smell of coffee and jet fuel.

1040: Round 1 Report
WOW do we have a horse race after one round! PD Blue, Maubeuge, and Norway all posted superb 21's, and Airspeed upped them all by a point by just squeezing that last zircon on the freeze frame. All the teams on the leader board looked superb on the opening round. I don't know if I can take 10 rounds of this! FX struggled with a bust and a late glitch that left them with a 16; let's hope they put some good numbers up and close the gap.

1230: Round 2 Report
What a display of precision skydiving by Vertical on round 2. A "working" dive of three slow blocks, they worked quickly and efficiently for a 17. Maubeuge matched them to stay one point back, while PD Blue and the Norgies put up clean 16's. Meanwhile I'm working hard on getting these team photos up, should have them in an hour or so. Back to work....

1440: Round 3 Report
THAT'S BETTER FX! Those guys (and gal) just spanked the field with a 29 on the round, but the defending World Cup champs still have some ground to make up. Vertical cruised with a smooth 27, as did the Norgies, who pull into a tie with Maubeuge for 2nd. PD Blue was cruising on the jump but a late brain lock cost them a point or two.

The loading area; note telemeter/antennae platform on right.

“Make mine a biggie please.”

Team photo time.

3 of 4 Synchronites. Go girls!

“We got 'em right where they want us.”

The drop zone is looking good!

Coop has the scoop on the Norway girls.

1600: Round 4 Report
Hmm...somebody done lit a fire under the Norgies, they're skydiving like they think they can win this thing! And you know what? I think they can do it too. Their last two jumps have been sharp as a tack -- matching Airspeed Vertical on both -- and they now hold 2nd place alone, one up on Maubeuge and three ahead of PD Blue. Wow.

In the Women's Cup, the USA's Synchronicity has pulled ahead of the packet with some mistake-free skydiving and holds a five point lead over Norway.

The judges at work in the “fishbowl.”

“Where's the remote?”

I still need a mixer.

“I think it'll be George W by a whisker.”

1815: Day One is Done
Sorry Norgies I spoke a little soon, you gave up three points on round five! That's okay, we're through five rounds of 4-way and it's still anyone's ball game. Maubeuge really ripped their last jump of the day and move to within two points of Airspeed Vertical. The women didn't get to round five before it was too dark, so they'll finish that in the morning before we move to 8-way.

For those interested in hi res copies of team photos, I can send them but you'll have to ask for them after the meet is over and I get this computer back on my high speed cable connection at home. Speaking of team photos, has anyone noticed that the names match the photos? ;-)

That about wraps up a wonderful and long day of competition. Most of the jumps were judged live, and things are running pretty smooth. See you tomorrow!