Wednesday, November 8

4-Way round six is taking off under sunny skies. I am having difficulties with my Internet connection this morning, please be patient with me...

...after a reboot and cup of coffee it's a little better, and the Norgies just had an outstanding effort on round six, a score of 20 on a very tedious dive, with their last point right on the freeze frame. What a finish to that jump! Maubeuge followed with a fast jump, but they busted the last tee and get a 17. Airspeed Vertical - a clean 19, and the 4-way race has just tightened up a little. Whew! FX gets an 18. The Freeflyers and Skysurfers and Freestylers are starting up soon too.

Alex Johnsen

Hey all you competition teams out there: if you want to see what competition video should look like -- at least in my book -- study the work of the Norgies' Alex Johnsen. This guy sets the standard for team video every time I see him compete with the Norgies. Sometimes he's so steep I can't tell which side of the team shooting from. Here's to you, Mr. Team Videographer, for making your team a pleasure to watch.

The plot thickens on round seven...the Norgies struggled out the door and suffered a double bust for a 14, while PD Blue and Maubeuge both had nearly flawless 22-point jumps to close the gap on Airspeed Vertical. It looks like this will go down to the wire!

It appears that the webcam is taking such a beating from so many people that it just doesn't work very well. I'll see what I can do to tweak it some, but it's probably not going to get any better.

The Belly Flying has completed through 8 rounds of 4-way and boy did Airspeed Vertical put a spanking on the competition on round 8; they will take a six point lead back to the hotel with them with just two rounds to go. The plan, I hear, is to do rounds 8 and 9 of 8-way and round 8 of 4-way tomorrow, with the final rounds on Friday. The New Age events are continuing through the rest of today, and I'll post those scores first thing in the morning.