Thursday, November 9

Okay, I think I got all the typos fixed on those team pages. We're starting up here shortly, it is another beautiful sunny morning in Arizona.

Creeping in the hanger - it's chilly outside!

The two biggest lies in competition: “Good luck!” and “You too!”

After a lot of difficulty with Internet connections, I have had to shut down the webcam. The software interferes with the program that we use to post live scoring summaries for the belly fliers, so one has got to go - sorry ;-(

It's pretty cool sitting here in the DZTV/Internet control room, all by myself, but the the judges' hootch and DZTV viewing area is just a few meters away, and every time a team has a good jump there is a loud cheer from the crowd watching the show. Very exciting!

Your webmaster at work.

4-way round nine is finishing up, and the Norgies and FX both had good jumps, 25 points each. PD Blue is up next and...a 24, they just missed getting 25 in...Maubeuge...a 24 as well...and Airspeed Vertical, with a six point lead coming into the round, has a brain lock near the end and scores a 22. They did well keeping that lock from turning into a bust!

If you are wondering why I'm not talking much about the New Age events, it's because the feed from the judges doesn't come into my room and I can't see any of the jumps (they have the video connected directly to a big TV under the big screen). I will try to find a competitor to write some bits for this page. Any volunteers out there? It looks by the scores that there are some close competitions going on!

Here's the game plan: They are going to do rounds 8 and 9 of 8-way and jump through round 6 of the New Age events today and then do all of the final rounds for all events tomorrow.

8-Way round 8 is done, and Airspeed 8 added three more points to their big lead over Russia. Lunch time....

“New Age” events on the lower TV, old belly floppers on the upper.

Round 9 FS is in the bag, and Airspeed 8 at takes an even 30-point lead into the final round of 8-way and Vertical a 4-point lead in 4-way.

Over in the New Age events, there is a serious rat race going on in Freefly, with only 0.2 points separating the top three teams after five rounds. It's nearly the same in Men's Freestyle as well. We'll be in for some excitement when we do the finals tomorrow! See you then!