Saturday, November 11

The teams are arriving, the weather looks promising, and we should be under way with the finals here shortly.

And the finals are finally under way! 8-way round ten is in the air. 

The judges just watched Airspeed Blue's jump three times, which caused them to miss Russia's live jump, and guess what: Airspeed Blue's jump didn't have a single mark on it, completely clean. So then Russia gets looked at three times as well, and again, no busts. Somebody needs to...okay I won't go there....

...and Airspeed 8 wraps up their spanking of the competition with a 33-point margin of victory over Russia with Airspeed Blue another 41 points behind that. Airspeed has had quite a year of competition, with one more 4-way round to do. The Women's 4-way up next.

The USA Women's team has held on to win the gold over Norway with Spirit of Russia in third. Those girls did some pretty impressive Diamond > Bunyips on that jump. 

Over in Lawn Darts er Freefly competition, France has just completed a dramatic victory over the USA in a *VERY* close race for the gold, just nipping Olav Zipser's team by 0.1 points. The DZTV crowd was cheering loudly as the top teams were reviewed, by the sounds of it there was some amazing stuff to be seen.

Airspeed Vertical preps for round 10.

Finally into the final round of 4-way, just the top teams left to jump. DeLand FX mowed down a few nice Diamond > Bunyips of their own for a score of 20, a very good jump. Minutes later the Norgies match them with a 20 of their own. They are going to judge the last three teams from tape, so everyone will be in front of the DZTV screen for that piece of final excitement.  And here they are - WHOA, PD Blue just did a 19 with number 20 just ONE FRAME out of working time! Looks like there will be a jump-off for the bronze medal, pending Maubeuge and Vertical...Maubeuge up now...very fast, a clean 21! Airspeed will need at least an 18 to win...smooth and steady, 18 well in, a 21 also -- the judges are watching it a third time -- a bust? No? 21 points! Airspeed Vertical is the new 4-way champions of World Cup 2000! Ah, a bit more excitement to come, as DeLand PD Blue and DeLand Norgies will have a jump off for third place.

And a fabulous jump off it is! PD Blue had a great jump with a 24, and the Norgies followed it with a 23 that just had the 24th point out of time. Congratulations PD Blue!

I've mentioned before what an easily team PD Blue is to judge, with their clean style and excellent video performance. I think it should be noted that on at least 4 of their first 9 jumps, the judges watched a single time, live, and logged the score as official.

I'll have some closing ceremony pictures coming up later. What a great show!

Just in, a report out of Southern Pines NC, where OmniNeice Laura Wagner has just finished 5th place in the floor exercise, 3rd on the vault, 1st on the uneven bars, 1st on the balance beam, and 1st overall at the 11-year-old level 5 gymnastics competition. Congratulations Laura!

Well, I'm going to tear this DZTV mess down and post the closing ceremony pictures tomorrow morning when I have time. So come back one more time, and thanks for visiting!