Sunday, November 12

The banquet last night was a wonderful affair at the Holiday Inn Casa Grande. Along with the usual speeches and thank yous, the Russians provided ongoing entertainment in the corner with many shots of vodka going down with a loud chorus of "Hoy!" Of course, that corner was my last stop on the way out the door. I hope to see my Russian friends, along with everyone else, at the World Meet in Spain next year.

It was a wonderful World Cup, full of great competition and camaraderie. Larry and Lil again did an outstanding job as hosts and presented a competition as no one else can -- and I say that with only a little bit of bias ;-)

Is was too bad the Golden Knights weren't here, as well as the French 8-way. A World Cup doesn't seem complete without them.

The link below is a page with photos of the closing ceremonies. My apologies to any team that isn't there; we tried to get them all. Be warned, it's a lot of pictures and will take a long to time load on a slow connection.

Blue Skies!
Tim Wagner

Closing Ceremonies