2001 Valentine's Money Meet

Tidbits (Timbits + Tedbits)

AZ Inertia plots a comeback on Airspeed Vertical...

Dan BC coaching a 4-way.

A GP Small it ain't; the Army's new tent has the GK logo on top.

The packing concessions doing brisk business...

...while some prefer self-service.

The spectators are out in force watching the action.

John Eagle is a blur even while he's creeping.

Overpaid and underworked - again. Well-fed, anyway!

"See here, it's just like folding laundry."

One of the new "buses" at Skydive Arizona.

The spectators are still arriving!

No coverage is complete without a shot of the webmaster at work, right? I'm working on a barbeque sandwich, a huge pot of coffee, my DZTV video mixer, and laptop computer. I'd rather be skydiving, but life couldn't get much better than this!

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