2002 FSL "Shamrock Showdown"


Good morning folks, it's 0630 in the morning at the hotel, I'm on my way to the DZ where I'm hoping I can get this thing connected to the internet...

My apologies for not having this show live; I am unable to connect to the internet while running OmniSkore. We're taking a break after five rounds, and Airspeed Vertical and DeLand Majik are locked in a terrific battle, with Majik ahead by one point. The atmosphere here is very World Cup like; lots of top notch teams, with super entries from Great Britain (Sebastian XL), Italy, Sweden, and Norway. Also in attendance and rocking along with the big boys, DeLand Genesis is having a wonderful little reunion. There are some 20 teams total, and we're having a ball. I'll have a complete report along with scores later tonight. Check back!


WOW we got one helluva meet going on here, I'm typing the scores to the results pages right now...okay, I got the AAA scores posted, and it's Majik by a pair in front of Airspeed Vertical after seven rounds. And they were hurt by a bust too. I'll have more bits posted later, it's time for a beer and some chow...oh yeah, more scores too if I can...

Impromptus -

  • I don't like the new random Open Accordian. It's already hard to judge; easy to distort. Note to teams: Try the "hand on head" trick with the free hands; don't make us wonder what that arm is doing. 

  • DeLand Majik is seriously good. Airspeed is skydiving clean, with only a couple of glitches, but the World Champions trail by two. Both teams look thrilled to be here, doing this. What a show. 

  • DeLand Genesis is giving meaning to the phrase "Who needs to train?" They beat the field on round five and have a 22.7 average.

  • The next four teams after Airspeed/Majik/Genesis are all from other countries.

  • Six people have called me Ted since I got here. Yes, I consider it a compliment. 

  • Many teams still don't have a clue how much what they wear effects how hard (or easy) the judges have to work to score them.

  • It is amazing to me the number of faces here I've known for so many years. Hello, it is good to see you again.

  • It is truly a shame that Golden Knights Gold could not be here. One of the Golden Knights' Porter aircraft crashed in Arizona Thursday; I have not heard many details. The Gold team will be challenging Airspeed and Majik at the Nationals this year (keep yer noses to the grindstone guys, you got some serious competition).

  • My wife is at five months+ with Baby Boy, and not a minute goes by I don't think of them (sorry, that just jumped out).

  • Note to teams: Sorry, it is getting really old hearing whining about busts. That formation might not have been really busted, but YOU DIDN'T SHOW IT TO ME. It's not the fastest team that wins; it's the one with the most points at the end.

  • Kurt Gaebel has a great thing going here. I like the skill level categories, but I think they are TOO broad. Despite the great turnout, there are no teams competing in the second AA category. We have 14 AAA (same as Open), five A (3 to 4 point draw), and two Rookie (three randoms always starting with a meeker).

  • Wow, a quick check of the mail box, and hey all you out there who were hoping for live updates, sorry we kind of dropped the ball on bringing enough gear. I'm one hub and a laptop short of what I need, it's my fault for not checking ahead of time and IT IS NOT SKYDIVE DELAND'S FAULT! They have access for us here, and they are putting on a great show. We'll know better next time! ;-)

  • Tomorrow we WILL have more live coverage, with round-by-round scores posted as they finish. See you!

1000 in the morning and round eight is landing...scores coming soon...big crowd of spectators here this weekend...

...round eight is in the can, and both Airspeed and Majik posted 21 scoring formations, but Airspeed busted the first ritz for a 19 so Majik takes what will probably be an insurmountable 4 point lead with two jumps to go. Although Sebastian XL is way behind, they look really good and hold a 19.5 average, with Italy not far behind them. I smell a tight race for the bronze medal at the world cup this year...wherever that will be...my plane is taking off at Orlando and I'm still here judging...

Airspeed landed after round nine, and Stein reported in with a camera malfunction (the video jumps forward after 19 seconds) so Kurt (the jury) is getting them up on a rejump. I hate it when that happens....

...a quick check of the inbox, and the West coast (okay, everyone west of the Mississippi) is up pounding the refresh button to see how this turns out...it's 1220 as I write this and Airspeed is on a five minute call to rejump round nine...

...these tight finishes are just nerve racking...Airspeed picked up a point on Majic on the rejump. Both teams had at least one brainlock on that one, and Majik *JUST* missed the freeze frame with 19...round 10 is not the kind of jump to make up a three point deficit with, so Airspeed will have to hope that Majik stumbles or the fat lady will be singing the Majik song...okay, priorities: it's time for lunch...

It's Majik by three, as both teams post a score of 21 on round 10. It was a great scene here in the restaurant, with all the teams and spectators cheering the final jumps and hugs all around as the winners were crowned. It is a real treat to see something like this, all these guys are true champions. I think this is the first time this Airspeed team has ever been beaten, and I think that 22.6 is the highest 10-round average I have ever seen.

I wish I could stick around and write some more about this but I gotta throw all this stuff in the case and head for the airport. I'll finish posting the totals and averages when I get home, thank you all for stopping by. See you next time!


I just missed my plane so I'm camped out in an Orlando hotel tonight. More impromptus for you -

  • Hat's off to Kurt Gaebel, the NSL, and Skydive DeLand for a great weekend of competition skydiving. Everyone was totally stoked to see such a great match up with Airspeed and Magic oops Majik, and they sure did not disappoint. The Nationals are going to rock.

  • I just received word that the World Cup 2002 will be at Ampuriabrava, Spain, October 4 - 10. That should be a good meet; those guys did a great job on the 1994 Cup.

  • It looks like the technique of the day for Canadian Tee > Canadian Tee is to cog the pieces instead of shear.

  • All three judges busted Italy Sinapsi for not showing control of a Danish Tee exit. The solo piece nearly did a front loop after letting go out the door. A heated discussion developed between the judges and Kurt, who thought they should have got the point. Craig Buxton (one of the other judges) had a good observation later: "What if a team has all the right grips but totally funnels the exit? Do they get credit for the formation?" We don't think so...

  • The Danish Tee exit discussion brought to mind my firm and unalterable opinion that the "J" penalty should be rid of. It exits only to protect the camera flyer from the politically incorrect position of costing his team points by not getting the right angle on exit. The camera flyer needs to be considered an integral part of the team, as much a part of the team's performance as the other four (or eight or sixteen etc.) This is the price teams must pay if they want to keep the exit in competition FS.

  • Be sure to check out Kurt's coverage over at http://www.skyleague.com/. He has Majik's round 3 video posted; that jump was about the most perfect skydive I have ever seen (31 points on a jump with Stardian > Stardian). Wow.

  • I'm tired and hungry and there is (tragically) a Hooters next to the hotel. Good night!