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Welcome to OmniSkore!'s coverage of the 2010 USPA Nationals. 
USPA and Skydive Chicago bring you this competition that is filled with almost every skydiving discipline.

Attention Competitors and those that know competitors:
Apparently USPA has shut down
Please ask teams to send their team name and number to me and scores as they learn them.
OmniSkore will post them here and compute rankings.
Videos: Please ask teams post to YouTube and send me the link.
I'll post it here.
My email is Aerosoftware @ (remove spaces)
I have no idea what USPA is thinking as to why they demanded that uspanationals be shut down.

Event Schedule:

  • FS 4-way: starts Sept 11
  • FS 8-way: starts Sept 13
  • VFS 4-way: starts Sept 14
  • FS 16-way starts Sept 15
  • FS 10-way: starts Sept 16
  • AE all events: start Sept 17
  • CF all events: start Sept 19
  • SA all events: start Sept 20

Jan Meyer will watch the online videos, when available, and post comentary. Omnibits is set up to navigate through the commentary.

4-way Open: R 1-6 R 7-10 4-way Intermediate: R 1-6 R 7-10
8-way Open: R 1-6 R 7-10 8-way Intermediate: R 1-6 R 7-10
VFS Open:
rd1. I, 14, A
rd2. 3, D, 5
rd3. 9, 8
rd4. K, F, G, 13
rd5. H, 7, 11
rd6. J, C, B, 1
rd7. E, 12, 6
rd8. 10, 4
jump off 2, L, 1

All content on the OmniSkore! website for the 2010 US Nationals is (are) unofficial results of US Nationals.
All commentaries are the expressed opinions of the commentator and not of USPA or host.
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