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Skydive Arizona Hosts US Nationals

Welcome to OmniSkore!'s coverage of the 2011 USPA Nationals. 
USPA and Skydive Arizona bring you this competition that is filled with almost every skydiving discipline.

The Event Schedule will tell you when each event is being held.

We have one on the spot reporters for color commentary. Jan Meyer will provide most of the color commentary. Omnibits is set up to navigate through the commentary.

Draws will be posted when they are drawn. Links in PDF.
4-Way Advanced R 1-6 4-Way Advanced R 7-11 4-Way Open R 1-6 4-Way Open R 7-11

8-Way Intermediate R 1-6 8-Way Intermediate R 7-11 8-Way Open R 1-6 8-Way Open R 7-11

10-way: Raeford Dragon, Star, Wedge, Triple Donuts, Hand Prop, Missing Tom.

1: B B A F C
2: A C F D E
3: B C C A E
: D F C F A

CF 4-way Seq:
1: L 5 K
2: E J N 10
3: 8 B I
4: 3 13
5: 1 D 11
6: 9 7
7: M C 4
8: 2 F 14

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