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OmniSkore! Hardware

  • Scoring Processor
  • Scoring Panels
  • Networking

Scoring Processor

Scoring Processor

Judges' Scoring Panel

Scoring Panels

This image of an OmniSkore! scoring panel shows the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) in the Confirmation mode. In this mode, the left and right red buttons become cursor keys, and the judge can cursor over to a scoring entry (in this case, the sixth scoring formation), and use the scoring (red) buttons in conjunction with the shift (gray) button to change the scoring entry anonymously. When the judge is satisfied with his or her scoring results, pushing and holding the white button until the LED (Light Emitting Diode) turns green confirms the judges score.


OmniSkore! utilizes Windows NetBEUI networking protocol on an Ethernet (10-base-2) or Twisted Pair (10-base-T) Local Area Network (LAN). The networking environment allows the use of more than one scoring processor, and thus the use of as many judges (and judging stations) as desired. Printers can be set up with dedicated CPU's outside of the judging area; official results can be instantly printed to any computer on the network.