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About OmniSkore!HD

OmniSkore!HD was created in 2012 by Ted Wagner and Skydive Arizona as an all-new electronic scoring system to provide a High Definition (HD) experience in the judging and viewing of all major skydiving disciplines.
While inspired by many aspects of its analog video predecessor, OmniSkore, the new system (also referred to simply as OSHD) is a complete redesign based on digital AVCHD video and of course many “lessons learned” from OmniSkore.
In a single application, OmniSkore!HD supports the following disciplines:

  • Formation Skydiving (including Vertical FS)
  • Canopy Formations
  • Artistic Events (Freestyle Skydiving and Freeflying)
  • Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing
  • Speed events (e.g. USPA’s 10-Way Speed FS)

In addition to providing the HD experience, OmniSkore!HD’s design also emphasizes the need for making the entire judging process as efficient and painless as possible:

  •  Laptop copy stations, called “VTADS” (or Video Transfer and Distribution System), allow the videographers to enter their jumps into the system. In addition to copying the video files, VTADS serves to transcode unusual formats to AVCHD when necessary, and provide the correct file names for the scoring system (with competitor number and round number). Anywhere from one to four copy stations can be used in a competition.
  • The OSHD software, on the scoring systems, is engineered to make the entire process of retrieving the videos and scoring them as efficient as possible. It is as simple as clicking on a video icon, cuing the video using a track bar, and clicking Score!.

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