Southwest Skydiving League
Meet 2 - Perris, CA
March 10, 2001
4-Way Intermediate Draw: 
Rd1: L H 6 Adder, Opal, Stardian>Stardian 
Rd2: F O M Twins, Satellite, Bundy 
Rd3: 21 20 Zig_Zag>Marquis, Open_Stairstep>Compressed_Stairstep 
Rd4: D C B Yuan, Murphy_Flake, Stairstep_Diamond 
Rd5: G A N Cataccord, Unipod, Crank 
Rd6: K Q 15 Hook, Phalanx, Caterpillar>Caterpillar 
Rd7: 9 1 Cat+Accordian>Cat+Accordian, Snowflake>Snowflake 
Rd8: P 2 Sidebody, Sidebody_Donut>Side_Flake_Donut

4-Way Open Draw 
Rd1: 14 21 N Bipole>Bipole, Zig_Zag>Marquis, Crank 
Rd2: Q M L 6 Phalanx, Bundy, Adder, Stardian>Stardian 
Rd3: 9 2 22 Cat+Accordian>Cat+Accordian, Sidebody_Donut>Side_Flake_Donut, Tee>Chinese_Tee 
Rd4: C B 13 16 Murphy_Flake, Stairstep_Diamond, Hammer>Hammer, Side_Flake_Donut>Side_Flake_Opal 
Rd5: 4 D 11 Monopod>Monopod, Yuan, Photon>Photon 
Rd6: G J 23 H Cataccord, Donut, Snowflake>Offset, Opal 
Rd7: 7 3 F Sidebuddies>Sidebuddies, Side_Flake_Opal>Turf, Twins 
Rd8: 24 12 20 Compressed_Accordian>Box, Zipper>Star, Open_Stairstep>Compressed_Stairstep 
Rd9: K 10 5 Hook, Diamond>Bunyip, Black_Hole>Bipole 
Rd10: E 17 A 8 Meeker, Danish_Tee>Murphy, Unipod, Canadian_Tee>Canadian_Tee 
Rd11: 1 P O 19 Snowflake>Snowflake, Sidebody, Satellite, Ritz>Icepick 
Rd12: 15 18 F* Caterpillar>Caterpillar, Zircon>Zircon, Twins

 4-Way Open Raw Score Standings Updated 11-Mar 12:53 PM PDT
Final Standings
 Round high score: 19 22 20 19 15 23      
No. Team Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOT AVG POS
401  AZ Airspeed Vertical 19 22 20 19 15 23 118 19.7 1
405  Elsinore Matrix 14 17 15 17 15 17 95 15.8 2
403  4-Cast 10 12 9 8 10 12 61 10.2 3
404  Enigma 9 10 8 9 11 11 58 9.7 4
402  Temptation DZ 9 10 9 10 8 9 55 9.2 5
 4-Way Open Handicapped Standings   Updated 11-Mar 12:53 PM PDT
Final Standings
HC AVG and HC POS are handicapped values. All others are raw values.
 Round high score: 19 22 20 19 15 23 Raw Raw Raw HC HC
No. Team Name H'Cap 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOT AVG POS AVG POS
405  Elsinore Matrix 1.54 14 17 15 17 15 17 95 16 2 24 1
402  Temptation DZ 2.51 9 10 9 10 8 9 55 9.2 5 23 2
403  4-Cast 1.94 10 12 9 8 10 12 61 10 3 20 3
401  AZ Airspeed Vertical 1.00 19 22 20 19 15 23 118 20 1 20 4
404  Enigma 2.01 9 10 8 9 11 11 58 9.7 4 20 5
 4-Way Int. Raw Score Standings Updated 11-Mar 12:54 PM PDT
Final Standings
 Round high score: 11 16 11 16 14 -      
No. Team Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOT AVG POS
303  Perris Time Warp 11 16 11 16 14 - 68 13.6 1
301  AZ Synergy 7 12 5 11 8 - 43 8.6 2
302  Equinox 3 9 W W W - W - 3
 4-Way Int. Handicapped Standings     Updated 11-Mar 12:54 PM PDT
Final Standings
HC AVG and HC POS are handicapped values. All others are raw values.
 Round high score: 11 16 11 16 14 - Raw Raw Raw HC HC
No. Team Name H'Cap 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOT AVG POS AVG POS
303  Perris Time Warp 1.00 11 16 11 16 14 - 68 14 1 14 1
301  AZ Synergy 1.15 7 12 5 11 8 - 43 8.6 2 9.9 2
302  Equinox 1.71 3 9 W W W - W - 3 0 3
Tidbits -


It was cold, damp and cloudy yesterday, and rainy all night, but this morning the clouds have broken and the teams are getting ready for their first call.

There were rumors about the Knights and Perris Maubeuge being here, but there's no sign of the Knights, and Maubeuge left yesterday, both teams probably putting too much faith in the weather forcast. Still, eight teams are here, and Skydive Arizona is well represented with three of them; Airspeed Vertical (aka Team USA), Synergy, and Temptation DZ.

The Perris Valley Skydiving staff has been their usual top-shelf self. Jack Gramley, Melanie Conatser and dubbing/video coordinator Dave Singer had everything ready to go when we arrived for setup yesterday afternoon. This morning Jack handed me an Ethernet cable and a piece of paper with network configuration info and said "Here's your T1 connection!". Can't complain about that! If only all the big DZs could get wired like that!!! 

Anybody remember Paul Quade, the engineer/jumper who solved the video banding problem during the Nationals here last year? (He provided the infamous Humbuckers.) This morning he arrived with a box of glazed donuts for the three judges (me, myself & I). Thanks Paul! Fortunately I've had a little help devouring them. Skydivers are good for that.

The first Otter just took off; if the weather holds, we'll have the first scores posted within the hour. Stay tuned!

The clouds are causing some minor difficulty and a hold is possible. Good chance to stretch the legs and get an ear to the vibes!

Airspeed lost a couple points when they had to rebuild a phalanx, but aside from that -- and the fact that their video still needs to be steeper & deeper, come on 'Stein! -- they are looking terrific. Matrix is doing some fast skydiving but boy is it tough to see some of their separations!

You beginning teams out there, please make a note of what I told 302 after their incomplete separation bust in round 1. They came to the judging room and asked me to show them the penalty. I explained to them that there isn't necessarily a penalty to show; just because they were busted, doesn't mean there was a penalty. It means they failed to clearly show me the separation. There very may well have been complete, simultaneous separation, but if I couldn't see it, I can't give credit for it; that's the rule. Kudos to them for taking the information and making corrections in their technique to avoid another such penalty.

Word is that bad weather is approaching -- apparently it's been raining for a while in Huntington Beach, and it's supposed to be headed this way. I still hear airplanes running after judging round 2, so stay tuned, I'll pass it on when I get the word!

Well, we're on a weather hold, after four Open teams did round 3. Airspeed, jumping the Skyvan in preparation for Spain, didn't quite get theirs in before the clouds closed ranks. The sky is not looking very happy right now!

After a few hours of watching close-knit clouds march by, the day has been called and the meet will resume with wheels-up at 7:30am tomorrow. Ciao!

Webmaster's note: Ted is providing the bits and results from Perris while Tim stays at home working on World Meet and Nationals web sites...when he'd RATHER be skydiving....

Well folks we are underway again, the weather is on the cool side but the clouds have scattered.

In the Intermediate division, local team Equinox had to withdraw when one member couldn't stay. Arizona's Synergy (301) posted a 5 to Perris Time Warp's 11, but I question whether PTW should be in Intermediate, the way they're skydiving (raw scores in the double digits? C'mon, guys).

In the Personal Item segment this morning, the ongoing story of T1's adventures in the Bomb Shelter. Now before I share this with you, understand that the BS is the first great DZ restaurant; it set the standard when it opened, and like all such ventures, has had its ups and downs. I've always enjoyed eating there.

Well, last summer during one of my SSL or America's Cup visits here, I had lunch in the BS that turned out to be a bit of an oopsie on the part of their chef. Melanie and Diane (Conatser, Melanie's mother) felt bad about it, but I shrugged it off, I know those things happen, even in good restaurants.

Fast forward to Friday night. I ran into Diane in the Bomb Shelter bar, and she asked me what I wanted for dinner Saturday night. Seared Ahi tuna steak, I told her, but she wasn't familiar with that, so she brought me Rusty, the chef, and introduced us. I chatted with Rusty and he said he would look for Ahi tuna for Saturday night's menu. Great guy!

Saturday morning, Rusty came looking for me in the judging room and explained that there wasn't any Ahi tuna available ("They're all on the Japanese side of the Pacific this time of year," he said), and wanted to know, what was my second choice? "Salmon!!!" I said. "Salmon it is! Blackened okay?" he said. "Sounds great!"

So last night after the work was done I went into the restaurant, and sure enough, there was "Fresh Blackened Salmon" on the nightly specials board. When the restaurant started to look busy I placed my order. "Medium rare, no potato and extra veggies please," I told the cashier, and took my number, 650. Hmm, lucky number! That's the length of a standard classical guitar fret board in millimeters.

Well, it took a while before my number was called, me surrounded by other skydivers eagerly inhaling their blackened salmon and telling me how wonderful it was, and when the cashier brought me my plate, I was mildly surprised to see a beef steak instead of salmon. I told her what I was expecting, and she took it back to the kitchen window. I followed her to make sure that Rusty knew to make it medium rare. When he saw it was me, he was horrified. The last salmon was already on a plate in front of him, fully cooked and on its way to some other lucky customer. I told him that was okay, I'd be happy with the steak.

Poor Rusty, he was beside himself. When I was halfway through my steak he brought me something brown and flat on a plate by itself. It was a breaded fish of some type, covered with olive oil and garlic. A calamari steak!!! It was absolutely divine. Rusty told me to see him in the morning for an Eggs Benedict breakfast. Thanks, Rusty!!!

And I'm on my way to that right now..


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