2004 Valentine's Money Meet
Eloy, Arizona
Photo by michael mcGowan
Okay, okay -- I promised a few people that I'd have the results posted here, but I done dropped the ball and forgot to print out score sheets for myself before I packed up the scoring processor and headed for home. Sorry, you'll have to settle for a few casual observations.

There were about 10 4-way teams here yesterday; Airspeed was jumping, but not with the lineup that they'll have when they're all healthy. They dominated the field anyway. The Golden Knights were also competing, and they looked pretty sharp for what amounts to a new team (John Hoover returns with three mostly new faces). I didn't see much of the jumps as I was chasing Ryan around and catching up with people I haven't seen in a long time.

Today was 8-way and I got to push buttons (judge). Three intermediate teams and two open teams. Airspeed 8 was jumping with two stand-ins and still looked great. They will be going to Croatia for the world meet this year. The other open team team was composed of two 4-way teams coached by (I hope I have this right) Mark Kirkby and Gary Beyer. They looked very good.

Sorry that's all. But now on to the IMPORTANT stuff.

After two years of getting my ticker fixed and my shoulder whacked, I'm going to start jumping again next month and I CAN'T WAIT!

Tim "T2" Wagner


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