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Welcome to OmniSkore!'s coverage of the 2007 US Collegiates. 
USPA and Skydive Arizona bring you this competition that is filled with lots of college folks skydiving.

The Event Schedule will tell you when each event is being held.

We have 1/2 on the spot reporter for color commentary. Jan Meyer will provide some reporting, but is also attending a judge rating course and cannot see all the dives.

401 R2
401 R6
402 R2
403 R1
403 R2
404 R1
404 R2
405 R1
405 R2
301 R1
301 R2
302 R2
303 R2
305 R1
306 R1
307 R1
302 R2
302 R6
303 R6
304 R1
304 R5
304 R6
305 R6
306 R6
307 R6
201 R1
202 R1
203 R1
204 R1
205 R1
206 R1
207 R1
208 R1
207 R3
204 R4
207 R4

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