Welcome to Skydive Arizona's 2012 Valentines' Money Meet, and the official premier of the all-new OmniskoreHD scoring system. Developed utilizing the latest video technology, OmniskoreHD represents the ultimate reincarnation of the original Omniskore system. Ted "T1 The Mad ScienT1st" has built this new system  using HDMI to bring the finest viewing medium available today to you, the competitors and spectators. This site will be undergoing major transformation, beginning with this competition. I (T2, Tim Wagner, the lesser genius of T1) welcome your feedback and comments, sent to wazt2@yahoo.com.

0900 update. Competition has begun under sunny skies and team photos and scores will be posted later today - T2.

1100 update. No bias here, but this new scoring system just rocks. Judging has never been more easy. Now if we could the word out to camera flyers, those miniature fixed-lens cameras have got to go. If a team loses points because the judges can't see the points clearly it's going to be on the camera flyer.

Airspeed is just amazing, it seems every year they manage to move it up a notch. They are so fast it makes my head spin...

1445 update. Open is done officially, waiting for the round 5 Intermediate videos. Airspeed finishes their six rounds with a 27.5 average. It seems that almost 20 years ago the top 4-way teams were dreaming of a 20-point average. I think they are not far away from of 30 these days.

One critique I do have of Airspeed: The wide-angle lens on the camera makes it much harder to see grips, especially so on a team that is going so fast. On round 6 the team was taking up barely 25% of the screen. But otherwise, what an awesome squad they have.

1730 update. The meet is done and the wine bottle popped. Award ceremony at 1730. Congratulations to all, and the new OmniskoreHD has been officially commissioned (at least by me) as the world's premiere competition scoring system once again.

We're going to judge the last 4 rounds of 4-way Open for Airspeed today so they have the full 10. I hope Bill tossed that wide angle lens in the recycle bin last night. Really Bill, you're plenty good enough to get all the grips on the exit. Please don't make us suffer the next 34 seconds just to nail the first....

Final wrap: Airspeed finished the 10-round draw and finished with a 26.0 average, and they accomplished it without an all-random round on an over-all slow draw. They're lowest round was a 23. Airspeed believes these to be the best so far. They certainly looked solid, to say the least. See you all next time!


201 - Ninja Cow

202 - MiniOkies

203 - Untitled

401 - Arizona Airspeed

402 - 6 for 5 for 5

Round 1 is complete, Airspeed smoked a 37, more scores coming...
Team Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Rd5 Rd6         Total Avg
201 8 7 6 8 5 5         39 6.5
202 4 4 3 3 4 3         21 3.5
203 7 7 6 6 4 4         34 5.67
401 37 23 25 27 25 28 26 23 23 24 260 26.00
402 17 4 12 13 11 12         69 11.5
4-way draw - Open and Intermediate
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10
N O F K 2 10 A J 8 4 C P 11 M 3 17 G B 14 1 7 15 H 21 D E 16 12 6 9 20 L 18 22 19 Q
N O F K A J 8 4 C P M 2 11 G B 14 7 15