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Welcome to OmniSkore!HD coverage of the 2012 USPA National Skydiving Championships!

OS!HD is proud to be officially partnering with USPA to bring you live coverage of the 2012 USPA Nationals. For the official results, visit USPA's Nationals web site where you will find blogging, photos, and much more.

Watch the livestream replays here.


Competition Draws

8-Way Intermediate rounds 1-6 4-Way Intermediate rounds 1-6 
8-Way Intermediate rounds 7-11 4-Way Intermediate rounds 7-11
8-Way Open rounds 1-6 4-Way Advanced rounds 1-6
8-Way Open rounds 7-11 4-Way Advanced rounds 7-11
  4-Way Open rounds 1-6
  4-Way Open rounds 7-11

The new scoring system created by Ted Wagner early this year is making its Nationals debut at Skydive Arizona. The results posted here come directly from the new system live as the judges confirm the scores. Read more about the new OS!HD system on the OmniBits page.


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