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Welcome to the OmniSkore!HD coverage of the Campionati Italiani Paracadutismo 2015!

Use the links at the left to enjoy up-to-date results of the Campionati Italiani Paracadutismo 2015, including scores, competition draw, videos, and standings.

The OmniBits light is: OFF

2015/08/30 14:00 update: All events are completed and streaming has ended. Please check back after 2 September for videos.

2015/08/30: Today's live streaming URL is:

In previous days' streaming we have used the video presenter running in an "automatic playback" mode which prioritizes videos not yet seen, then videos that have not been played in the longest time. This has the benefit of always showing a video. In this mode, the word "REPLAY" appears in the uppr right corner of the video. 

Today we are going to use the presenter in a "live" mode which combines live judging with "automatic replay" during judging breaks. The words "LIVE JUDGING" will appear in the upper right corner when you are seeing the video from real-time judging -- the same picture being seen on the big screen in the hangar here.

In this mode, you may see longer periods of the static "splash" screen, but we will work to keep those minimized. We will also begin work on a way to convey the judging sequence an hour or so in advance, so you know what's coming. We thank you for your patience while we sort out this new technology :)

Additional notes: 

  • Video links on the results pages are disabled until all videos are generated. This will not be completed until around 2 September. Please check back after 2 September, all videos will be available.
  • The Freefly event was canceled because the only participating team had an injury, but they will be traveling to Holland for the World Cup (so, nothing too serious).

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting!

Guidonia Para Show 2015 and Team OSHD

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