2017 USPA Wingsuit Performance National Championships
Performance Wingsuit Flying Intermediate - Updated 9/19/2017 4:55 PM

Current Ranking Order

Click a score to open the horizontal graph of the flight. Click the percentage score to open the map view of the flight's stick.
Distance (meters)Speed (km/hr)Time (seconds)
RankNameRnd 1%Rnd 2%Rnd 3%Dist%Rnd 1%Rnd 2%Rnd 3%Speed%Rnd 1%Rnd 2%Rnd 3%Time%TOT
GSudeep Kodavati [TonySuit R-Bird]1696101.3%152490.1%137297.0%96.1%192.6102.9%187.6107.4%169.9108.3%106.2%51.6108.0%58.3116.6%55.5119.7%114.8%317.1
1Michael Hoover [Squirrel Swift 2]1675100.0%1691100.0%1415100.0%100.0%187.2100.0%174.6100.0%157.0100.0%100.0%47.8100.0%50.0100.0%46.4100.0%100.0%300.0

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