Welcome to Omnibits for Saturday, 8 September (Day 4)


Whoever ran the hand dryer in the CSC men's room at 3:30 this morning, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits. Not cool.

Rumors of sunshine this morning. Fingers crossed. FS 4-Way Intemediate! 26 teams ... one of whom is my nephew David's who I met last night for the first time since, well, he was shorter than me.


Did I say 26 teams? I meant 32.

Wow! The new MFS 2-Way images look terrific on the (JukeBox) video. A few of them still have associated text on them ... add that to the punch list ...

btw, before next year's USPA Nationals, all of the current dive pool images in OSHD are going to be replaced by Nik's (of Axis Flight School) images. We -- USPA and OSHD -- are finally going to have a common set of dive pool images. It's not an easy task -- the images have to work when printed in color, in black and white, and overlaid on video.

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