Welcome to Omnibits for Thursday, 13 September (Day 9)

Dealing with some glitching that the internet content generating system has been giving us all week. Trying to work the bugs out of this. 

8-Way is a wrapped up deal, awards tonight. 16-Way is rocking already. (CF) 

Missing a couple of 16-Way team pictures but I will address that in the next hour. (CF)

P.S. Contrary to what the PA system is saying we are landing to the WEST not the South. ;) 

Fanboy moment missed. I did not know that Dan B.C. would be here so I didn't bring my copy of "Above All Else", had I had enogh forethought I could have gotten it signed. Anyone coming from Chicago to CSC tonight that can buy a copy from a local book seller and bring it to me gets my gratitude and a beer (a good beer at that). (CF)

Dallas Disturbance and Deguello get a pass on pictures today. I was afraid that the angle of the sun would make for a bad picture and it did. I'll get their glorious faces online tomorrow. (CF)

8-Way awards ceremony done and it is dinner:30. Good night all! (CF)

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