Welcome to Omnibits for Friday, 30 December (Day 3)

Foggy/rainy this morning. Expecting daylight any minute now and we will launch FS events.

Yesterday, we knocked out 3 full rounds of Sport Accuracy.

Besides many many impressive dead centers, one competitor really stood out to me. Cody Morris scored 4.76m on round 1 and then repeated the exact same score on round 2 ! Scoring a dead center requires 40cm of precision. Scoring the same non-zero score is precise to 1 cm! Bravo!

Congratulations to Air Force Tiny Dancers for winning Team Sport Accuracy with a total of 24.73 meters over 3 rounds (an average of 2.06 meters per competitor per round).

Weather hold until noon... Weather hold extended until 2pm...

Looks like we're about to do Sport Accuracy Round 4! The team format has completed, so all the jumpers have been re-sorted by standings and class. Novice first, Intermediate, then Masters. Keane Singleton in Masters, and Jason Darnell in Intermediate both have perfect scores so far. We will be watching to see if either can finish a perfect meet.

5:07pm - final planeload for round 4 jumping now...

That's a wrap. Scores will be entered tonight as confirmed by the judges. Unfortunately, nobody achieved 4 dead centers this meet, but it was a very exciting round nontheless.

See you tomorrow - wheels up at 8am for freefall events.

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