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OmniSkore! is an electronic scoring system designed and built by Ted Wagner specifically for scoring Formation Skydiving events, including 4-way, 8-way, 16-way, and Canopy Formation Skydiving. It is a PC-based, fully networked system that is easy to set up and operate. OmniSkore! consists of 1 to 8 judging panels, a scoring processor, and a suite of interface software. OmniSkore! is also used in versions called Pegasus and Stylus for scoring Freestyle & Skysurfing and Style & Accuracy competitions. 


A summary of OmniSkore!'s features:

  • Totally soft design methodology. You set judging policy and operation parameters in accordance with your needs. Number of official judging stations (1 to 8), operation of scoring buttons, event configurations, and more are all customizable by you.
  • Six distinct scoring definitions are available for the four scoring buttons: Score; Penalty (formation); Penalty (interim); Omitted Formation; Not Judgeable; and No Video. Each judging panel can be independently programmed for individual judges' preferences.
  • Up to eight events can be separately defined for your competition with "soft" rules for each event (e.g., Four-Way Open, Intermediate, and Novice; 16-way, etc.). No reconfiguration necessary between events; clicking on a single button takes you from one event to another. Predefined events include: 4-Way Novice, Intermediate, and Open; 8-Way Intermediate and Open; 20-Way Sequential; Canopy Formation Sequential; and Canopy Formation Rotation. Dive pool figures (for use with graphical enhancements) are implemented for all sequential events except 20-Way, which will be added if it becomes and IPC sanctioned event.
  • Graphical enhancement of video provides an optional benefit for your closed-circuit TV system. Two video outputs, one with and one without the graphic enhancements, allow each individual judge to view a monitor with the video signal of their choice, while the spectators view the enhanced picture.
  • Wide variety of information logging, printing, and viewing, including automatic score sheets upon the posting of a score, detailed score sheets for reviewing judges' performance, scoring summaries, and the world's best standings printouts. All printing functions are built-in. No external tools or spreadsheet programs are required.
  • Internal video Time Base Corrector (TBC) provides superb video stability and stabilization for your video.
  • Hardware-independent design methodology means more flexibility, as well as fast and inexpensive system upgrading when changes in rules occur.

New features added this year:

  • New judging panels feature four programmable scoring buttons; a "Confirm Score" button, a "Change Score" button, a 3-color status lamp, and a 4-line by 20-character Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). This LCD allows each judge to privately view and edit their scoring prior to confirming it. Editing functions available at each panel include Change Score, Insert Score, Delete Score, Undo Changes, and Confirm Scoring. The buttons feature a light but positive tactile feedback.
  • Graphical User Interface for the Event Judge runs on Microsoft Windows 95™ .
  • Network-based architecture provides multiple-scoring-system capability for large or fast-paced competitions. An independent Chief Judge's Interface program called OmniView! (running under Microsoft Windows 95™) allows the Chief Judge to browse and print scores from all scoring system(s) without affecting operations at any individual system.
  • No software installation necessary -- it's plug and play!
  • Designed for use by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 judges.
  • Continuous storage of all scoring information on hard disk.
  • Takes full advantage of Microsoft Windows 95™ preemptive multitasking environment.
  • World's most extensible scoring system - bar none!


Graphics Overlay


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An OmniSkore! exclusive, the graphics overlay feature uses a video genlock (graphics overlay) card in the scoring processor to overlay computer images on top of the video in real time. These images are the familiar formations, clock, score, team name, and flag as seen on the live "DZ TV" feeds. The graphics overlay function is also optional for the judges, and can be used at any level of transparency.

Timing Accuracy

At the heart of OmniSkore!'s accuracy is the Intel 8253 timer chip, programmed to a sampling rate of one millisecond (ten times more accurate than the IPC requirement) and accurate to 1/19200000 of a second (and that's very, very fast).

Printing Utilities

OmniSkore! uses automatic printing of score sheets as soon as a score is logged as "official". Optional to this feature is a variety of printouts, including Detailed score sheets and Scoring Summaries. Also included is a feature called OmniView!, a comprehensive printing and score management utility that can be used to print standings at any round.

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